• Debra LaMay

My Journey, So Far

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

As a child, life is a wonderous playground. We have incredible energy, curiosity and fearlessness. That’s how my life started out. As I got older I found myself searching for what my heart was yearning for. I didn’t know what it was, I just felt an overwhelming yearning. I was never one to play life by the rules, I would not conform, I was on a mission. With every experience, I’d say “That was fun, but that’s not what I’m searching for”.

I met my husband, fell in love and married. We had so much fun at times and hardship at others. The journey is what makes this game of life so amazing. But under it all was still a deep longing for something. We decided to have a baby and I knew that child was a big part of what I was looking for. When my daughter was born I felt as if I had been re-united with a piece of me that was missing. The overwhelming feeling of joy and love made me realize that experiencing that level of love was part of what I had been searching for. Being a mother was so very satisfying. It was a time of reflecting on the journey that had gotten me to that point. I said to myself, “wow, that was a whirlwind!”. At each moment in time, every experience felt like that was all there was. It’s not until you look back that you realize its continuity. I knew the journey wasn’t over. In fact, it had barely begun because the longing was still there. We had a baby boy that was just precious. He was so full of energy with a great sense of humor. He has always brought so much joy, laughter and happiness into our lives. It’s incredible how two children can be so different and yet invoke the same fierce love. That’s when I started to think about God and understood that love has no boundaries. There is absolutely nothing my children could ever do that would mar the love in my heart for them. That is the kind of love God has for us and as a mother I understood the true meaning of unconditional love.

As we all know, the journey of life isn’t all sunshine and blue skies. You have to go through hard times to appreciate the good times. I started to go to church because I wanted to learn more about God. It was comforting to pray when times were tough. In my darkest hours, when I was in deep despair, I felt a presence so loving and nurturing that it made me stop and say to myself “That is what I’ve been searching for!”. In time I realized the church didn’t have the answers I was looking for. The truth was inside of me!

That moment of realization set me off on another leg of my journey, the journey of enlightenment. I started to read books that resonated truth. I discovered places right under my nose that I never noticed before. I started to meet like minded people. When you’re ready to explore and learn about universal truth, the universe opens magical doors and connects you with people to help you on that journey. For over 20 years I read, learned and discovered many truths. I was amassing a lot of knowledge, it was like getting clues to solve a mystery.

Then one day, my daughter said she has been seeing things others didn’t and hearing voices in her head that she didn’t understand. I knew at that moment that immersing myself in the spiritual community all those years was to help her. It could have been a frightening time for her but the universe helped me to prepare for this stage in her life. I had a network of people that guided her and taught her about her gifts. It wasn’t easy for her, there is always people that, out of fear, will mock and try to discredit. I stand beside my daughter and support her.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. The spiritual world is all around us to assist us on our journey. They speak to us through people like my daughter to comfort, guide and reveal the truth of who we are. We all have God’s light inside of us, driving us. I’ve come to realize that the yearning I’ve always felt, is a yearning to discover myself and my connection to God and universal truth.

My husband and I purchased a beautiful building in Huntington. This was an incredible gift from the universe. After moving our business there, I went upstairs and had a vision for the second floor. I knew this should be a place for all individuals looking to explore and embark on their own journey of spiritual enlightenment.

My daughter Katelyn and I created this peaceful, comfortable and welcoming center to help lightworkers bring their own unique gifts to a communal space.

Please join us on this wonderful journey. Come learn with us, tell us your story, share your longings with us and together we will find the inspired soul within.


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